K5 Aviation | Approvals
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We are prepared for everything

Air Operator Certificate

The Operating Licence and the AOC number D-181EG was issued by the German Aviation Authority Luftfahrt Bundesamt (LBA) initially in June 2011. It includes the following special approvals:

  • Commercial Air Transportation for passengers and cargo
  • Worldwide operation
  • All Weather Operations for landing: Cat IIIb without decision height for Airbus A320 family
  • All Weather Operations for take-off: RVR 125m
  • ETOPS 180 for Airbus , EROPS 180 for Global Express
  • RNAV / MNPS (unrestricted) / RVSM

Continued Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO)

  • CAMO approval under number DE.MG181AOC issued by the German Aviation Authority Luftfahrt Bundesamt (LBA) initially in June 2011.
  • Approved Scope: A320FAM, A350, BD700-1A10, BD700-2A12
  • Certified to extend Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC) for aircraft on AOC or A320FAM and BD700 operated privately

U.S. Operations

As an approved member of the U.S. Visa Waiver Program K5-Aviation can offer visa free entry for passengers from certain countries when entering the U.S. on board K5-Aviation’s aircraft.

K5-Aviation has the approval to conduct commercial flights to and from the USA under Part-129 and OPS-Specs.

Canadian Operations

The Canadian FOAC was issued in April 2014, it allows commercial flights from Europe to Canada.

United Kingdom Operations

TCO (Third Country Operator) approval allows non-scheduled commercial flights between EU and UK (block permit) and non-EU and UK (single permit required)


Our SITSP (Security Issued Transport Security Program) was recently extended granting us non-scheduled air traffic to Australia.


Our Mexican AOC allowed us to apply for the Indefinite Blanket Permit (IBP). The approval is pending. However, with a single permit we can fly to Mexico already anytime.

United Arab Emirates

With our UAE GCAA Foreign Operator Registration (FOR) and GCAP number we are allowed to conduct commercial flights to and from the United Arab Emirates.


After issuance of our Malaysian Foreign Aircraft Operator Certificate (FAOC) we are allowed to conduct non-scheduled flights to Malaysia.


With our Singapore OPS Permit we can fly to Singapore with all aircraft in our fleet.