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K5 is different

K5-Aviation GmbH was founded in 2010 as an independent company, and it offers individually tailored management and commercial charter services for long-range aircraft.

Originally, K5-Aviation started operations with a VVIP Airbus A319 Corporate Jet (ACJ319) and obtained approval for commercial flights (AOC) in June 2011. Special permits for low visibility approach (CAT IIIb) and long-distance operations (ETOPS180) followed shortly afterwards. In the subsequent years, K5-Aviation enlarged its fleet constantly, and it currently operates three Airbus A319 Corporate Jets and one Bombardier Global 7500. One of the ACJ319 is a A319NEO, which was delivered to K5-Aviation, as the launch customer, in the second quarter of 2019. Shortly after K5-Aviation became on of the first operators to commercially operate a Bombardier Global 7500 and with those two new aircraft types K5-Aviation is setting new standards in long-haul flights. In 2021 K5-Aviation extends its approval with the additional types A330 and A350. K5-Aviation deliberately specializes in this small number of aircraft types, in order to offer precisely customized service. This enables it to be an expert partner to aircraft owners for all their individual needs.

The K5-Aviation range of services encompasses

  • Aircraft management for aircraft that are only used by their owners,
  • Aircraft chartering for aircraft to be offered for profit to the market and
  • Mixtures of these two variations tailored to each customer’s needs.

Alongside individually customized support and highly professional operations, accurate and cost-efficient planning of maintenance and on-board safety are always our highest priorities. The foundation of this is K5-Aviation’s decision to limit its fleet to a small number of aircraft types. K5’s independence enables it to make that kind of decision, and that is part of what make us so unique.


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Tanja Scheidt


Owner of K5-Group
Nominated Person Ground Operations and Deputy Trainings Manager
Pilot of Airbus A320FAM


Tanja Scheidt graduated in aircraft enginering and started her career in aviation with MBB/Airbus. Shortly after, she became a pilot for an airline until she concentrated on business aviation. She holds her pilot licence (ATPL) since 1996 and has gained experience of more than 8.000 flight hours. Mrs. Scheidt founded K5-Aviation together with her husband, Erik Scheidt, and has since then maintained the spirit in the company. At K5-Aviation she is Nominated Person Ground Operations and is in addition responsible for all trainings off light and ground crew.

Erik Scheidt


Owner of K5-Group
Managing Director of K5-Aviation GmbH
Nominated Person Flight Operations
Pilot and Type Rating Instructor / Examiner for the Airbus A320FAM, A330, A350


Erik Scheidt is the founder of K5-Group. After more than 20 years in a responsible position in for an aircraft operator Mr. Scheidt incorporated K5-Aviation GmbH together with his wife Tanja Scheidt with the intention to operate big VVIP aircraft professionally. As a pilot with over 10.000 flight hours he flies K5-Aviation’s ACJs regularly and ensures the high standard on board personally. In addition, he trains and checks all AJC pilots of K5-Aviation in the simulator as instructor/examiner.

Luca Madone


Accountable Manager
Aircraft Charter, Sales & Acquisition


After finishing his master degree in Geneva in 2004 Luca Madone concentrated on business aviation. He started his occupacional carrier with two well know companies in Geneva and Zurich. In 2010 he incorporated his own aircraft charter company together with two shareholders in Zug. Another business focussing on purchase and sale of aircraft that Mr. Madone still manages followed in 2015.
At the beginning of 2017 he sold his shares in the charter company and has taken over the responsibilities as Accountable Manager for K5-Aviation.

Alexander Kuchta


Compliance Monitoring and Quality Manager
Postholder Accident Prevention
Safety Manager and Security Officer


Alexander Kuchta graduated in Business Administration (touristic/ travel) and is training supervisor. Mr. Kuchta is in the aviation business since 2011 and started for a medium size aircraft operator in charter sales and operations department, later he became Administration and Safety Manager. He introduced the flight operations software FOS (Flight Operations Systems by Rockwell Collins) in all departments. At K5-Aviation Mr. Kuchta mainly works in the field Compliance Monitoring, inclusive Safety/ Security Management. In addition, Mr. Kuchta is managing director of K5-Travel GmbH, the travel agency of K5-Group.

K5 is different

K5-Aviation’s strength lies in its independent stakeholder structure and an extremely efficient executive management. Direct communication and simple decision-making processes enable K5-Aviation to respond to client inquiries quickly, efficiently and individually. To make that possible for even complex customer queries, the company’s management is available 24/7. K5-Aviation chooses not to use customer service representatives or assistants as middlemen: aircraft owners can always contact someone with decision-making powers at K5-Aviation, because client satisfaction has top priority for us.

K5-Aviation deals with your issues efficiently and without detours. We operate your aircraft in the most professional way conceivable, while remaining flexible to the wishes of owners and passengers alike. Some of our management staff are qualified pilots who fly with the K5 fleet, so you always know that the quality and safety on board are constantly being inspected and ensured by experts.

In order to continue to be able to provide this efficiency and flexibility to the aircraft owners in the future, the management of K5-Aviation keeps its fleet size small – a liberty that only an independent company can allow itself.


Air Operations Certificate

The Operating Licence and the AOC number D-181EG was issued by the German Aviation Authority Luftfahrt Bundesamt (LBA) initially in June 2011. It includes the following special approvals:


  • Commercial Air Transportation for passengers and cargo
  • Worldwide operation
  • All Weather Operations for landing: Cat IIIb without decision height for Airbus A320 family
  • All Weather Operations for take-off: RVR 125m
  • ETOPS 180 for Airbus , EROPS 180 for Global Express
  • RNAV / MNPS (unrestricted) / RVSM

Continued Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO)

  • CAMO approval under number DE.MG181AOC issued by the German Aviation Authority Luftfahrt Bundesamt (LBA) initially in June 2011.
  • Approved Scope: A320FAM, A350, BD700-1A10, BD700-2A12
  • Certified to extend Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC) for aircraft on AOC or A320FAM and BD700 operated privately

U.S. Operations

As an approved member of the U.S. Visa Waiver Program K5-Aviation can offer visa free entry for passengers from certain countries when entering the U.S. on board K5-Aviation’s aircraft.

K5-Aviation has the approval to conduct commercial flights to and from the USA under Part-129 and OPS-Specs.

Canadian Operations

The Canadian FOAC was issued in April 2014, it allows commercial flights from Europe to Canada.

United Kingdom Operations

The TCO (Third Country Operator) permit allows K5-Aviation to operate non-scheduled commercial flights between the EU and the UK (Block Permit) and non-EU countries and the UK (Single Permit).


The Secretary-Issued Transport Security Program (TSP) allows K5-Aviation to operate non-scheduled flights to Australia.


With the Mexican Foreign Air Operator Certificate (Mexican FAOC), K5 was able to apply for the Indefinite Blanket Permit (IBP), with which flights to and from Mexico can be operated at any time.

United Arab Emirates

With the UAE GCAA Foreign Operator Registration (FOR) and the GCAP Number, K5-Aviation can operate commercial flights to the United Arab Emirates.


Thanks to the Malayan Foreign Aircraft Operator Certificate (FAOC) K5-aviation is allowed to operate non-scheduled flights to Malaysia.


With the Singapore OPS Permit K5-Aviation may operate non-scheduled commercial flights to Singapore.


Thanks to the Bahamas Air Transport License K5-Aviation may conduct non-scheduled commercial flights to the Bahamas.